I ‘ll Go The Length of Meself

The thrilling story of Newfoundland’s daring rascal, Captain Guy Earle, North America’s youngest Master Mariner.

Written by Dr. Phil Earle

With copious photos, maps by Michelle Penny-Rowe, and drawings by Sid Butt

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“Skipper Guy…had no fear and believed in hisself. He could make friends with the Queen, as they say.”

I ‘ll Go The Length of Meself

Newfoundland’s Last Folk Hero

Pushing himself and his men to the limits of human action and beyond, the Skipper captured the imagination and still captures it today. . .


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The Legendary Mariner

Enter the exhilarating world of Captain Guy Earle and discover the history of a culture and the story of a man for the ages.

Broadcast interview with Dr. Phil Earle on, “I’ll Go The Length of Meself”, Nov. 27, 2020